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The search for meaningful, structured data from a myriad of data lakes has come to an end. TITAN provides the supply chain management data you need - from one source tailored to your needs, instantly

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3'500 suppliers
5 industries
10 countries
> 1'250 data points
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Supply chain managers are increasingly under pressure to make decisions with long-term implications in a short period of time. Although big data can make an important contribution to this, it is particularly difficult for SMEs and smaller large companies to find suitable access to data providers, and if they do, the associated usability, connectivity and pricing models are often not tailored to them. Prof. Dr. Joerg Grimm Professor for Supply Chain Management, Logistics & Procurement at
Berner Fachhochschule BFH & founder of Swiss SupplyChainTech


Smarter - Better - Cheaper

Titan MIS is our intelligent supply chain market data platform. We take the best of human brain power and smart intelligence to help supply chain experts making reliable decisions.

Smart Big Data at your fingertips

Agile business advisory services

We provide best-in-class supplier information and services to streamline your sourcing- and vetting process and to make your supplier interactions more effective.

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As simple and smart as this

Titan simplifies your business life considerably. From complex data lakes, we bring your data into the order and structure you need. And beyond that, thanks to TITAN’s data intelligence, you get vital information on company profiles, commercial data, risks and more that have priceless value for your supply chain management.
Our smart data warehouse can be connected via only one API to your existing ERP, CRM or Business Spend Management system or you take our stand-alone solution. So, you don’t need to buy expensive additional tools.

Reduce integration time, costs

and data management

A rapidly growing number of amazing customers trust Titan

Titan's initial markets include Switzerland, Germany and Austria. We focus on indirect procurement categories, starting with professional services, IT and telecom.
Both, corporate buyers and sales professionals from the banking, insurance, IT, and other industries will benefit alike. We continuously expand as we grow.

Why choose Titan?

Time and resources in the supply chain business are limited. Complexity is increasing. Decisions have to be made instantly. What you need is intelligence and insight at your fingertips.
Titan is your source for both


Titan offers SMEs and enterprises alike unprecedented business insights through a myriad of high-value data


You get access to a wealth of top negotiated, aggregated data - from one source, connected to your backend system via one API


Risk is not just a matter for purchasing. Suppliers and M&A experts also benefit equally from reliable, carefully manipulated and enriched data.


Titan’s Smart Data are tailored to your needs – and to your systems. Get easily access to our fast-growing data marketplace

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