Exceptional supplier data intelligence

A curated platform for indirect procurement, Swiss made. Supplier discovery, risk ratings, streamlined interactions - entirely plug-and-run.

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Web app

Discover the Market and just get the right information you need. Search in more than 1’250 company profile based on our proven Titan Cabaility framework (up to 500 search parameter and capabilities per Company so far; free text included).

How we work

We provide best-in-class supplier information and services to streamline your sourcing- and vetting process and to make your supplier interactions more effective.


Data-feed providers

Titan APIs to third-party data feeds provide detailed business and risk information to buyers and suppliers



Corporate buyers and consumers



The best suppliers. Focussed on relevant suppliers for professional services, telecom and IT/software


Manual curation

Titan team ensures quality and enriches company profiles with additional data


Our Clients

Titan's initial target market includes Switzerland and the border regions of Germany and Austria. We focus on indirect procurement categories (especially professional services, IT and telecom) for corporate buyers from the banking, insurance, IT, and pharma industries.

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