Contract Review Add-in Feature

Marko - Thu, 03/18/2021 - 21:47

A contract is a legally binding document and should be taken very seriously.

In general, good contracts are commercially well balanced, without (hidden) pitfalls, and supported by excellent terms and conditions. In order to make an excellent prerequisite to a great deal for all parties involved, everything stated in the contract should be understandable and accurate.

Contract Review is a thorough legal and commercial analysis of every contractual agreement before it's signed.

Titan SIM's add-in feature Contract Review is on-demand and tailor-made for all types of contracts, dedicated to keeping your business moving forward operationally and strategically alike.

Available in both English and German language, and suitable for various industries, our add-on feature can be used standalone without a full subscription to Titan SIM.

Titan's Contract Review services can be acquired for low and medium contract complexity, at an attractive fixed price per contract review. For high complex contract agreements, further legal and sourcing support for contract negotiations and initiatives is available on-demand and chargeable on time and material.

Our add-in feature has an embedded and underlying digital workflow based on the contract complexity (low, medium, high), with a two-day SLA during weekdays to support the contract review process. All you need is to upload the contractual documents, fill out a short form and submit. You will receive a related contract analysis report. Additional questions are available, as well as re-checking the agreement after you have received the revised version from the other contracting party.

Titan's add-in Contract Review feature is available upon request from May, with pricing on-demand and review packages discount available.

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