Corporate Buyers

Digital transformation means reimagining the value streams and processes across all business functions. Our platform solution empowers you in your journey towards a more agile, risk-aware and collaborative procurement ecosystem.

Savings from day one


Modern high-performance supply management increasingly relies on data consistency of aggregated information from all parties involved. Titan SIM increases transparency, efficiency, and associated savings for your organization.


  • - 01. Market insights
  • - 02. Process efficiency
  • - 03. Value creation for corporate buyers


Titan SIM is plug-and-run. Standalone without the need for endless system integration projects. Expand instantly your capabilities for supplier discovery, data transparency, risk, contract and rate card management and collaboration: Complementary to your existing source-to-contract, purchase-to-pay, or risk management systems.


Procurement process flow


Data Privacy

Data protection is key - Titan is a trusted data processor for our customers (buyers and sellers). We are compliant to all data protection requirements throughout the customer journey. Our platform architecture ensures strong user isolation and a full front-end security. State-of-the art open source, fully cloud-enabled, deep technical stack and the engineering workflow allow end-to-end quality assurance.