Titan MIS Features

Our 22 key features that make our platform unique; divided into key, core and add-on features as shown. Let us inspire you.


Feature Description

Supplier Discovery & Collaborate
  • Collaboration
  • Send "company invites", "data requests" and "information inquiries" directly to suppliers.
  • New City/Region On-demand
  • Constantly updating our database and providing support to newly added/selected cities and regions.
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • We are continuously evaluating, identifying, and managing relationships with key suppliers within our system.
  • Spend Categories & Coverages
  • Collect, process, and analyze your buying patterns, so you can reduce costs and create budget-saving opportunities.
  • Request for Quotation
  • Collect price quotes and bids from selected suppliers and contractors, and find the best prices for your upcoming projects.
Supplier Master Data & Documents
  • Data Up-/Down-streaming
  • Building value, from sourcing and developing strategy, to contract management and beyond.
  • Capability Framework
  • We have skills and tools to identify your needs and capabilities (individual/team level), and to help your organization gain a competitive edge.
  • Document Management
  • Store, manage and track your documents.
Supplier Risk Rating & Commercials
  • Product & Solution Pricing
  • Plan, set up, and maintain the price of your product or a solution.
  • Comparison & Evidence Reports
  • Minimize errors by conducting comparisons and pointing out mistakes.
  • Self Declaration Surveys
  • Identify the most suitable suppliers for your specific requirements.
  • Lifecycle Management & Monitoring
  • Search. Understand. Select. Negotiate. Contract. Deliver. Analyze. Renew.
Add-in Features
  • Resource Vetting
  • Vetting is the process of performing a background check on a person, verifying the truth and accuracy of documents and information before making a hiring decision, such as offering them employment, consultancy, contractor agreement, or conferring an award.
  • Rate Benchmarking
  • Rate Benchmarking for Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Available for Biz Specialists, IT experts, and Consulting. 68 job profiles, up to 5 seniorities, and two currencies (CHF, EUR). Accurate, trustworthy, and monitored. all based on market standards. Reporting and comparison functionality included.
  • Contract Review
  • Contract Review is a thorough legal and commercial analysis of every contractual agreement before it's signed. Titan MIS's add-in feature Contract Review is on-demand and tailor-made for all types of contracts, dedicated to keeping your business moving forward operationally and strategically alike.
  • Spend Analyzer
  • Spend Analyzer adds your annual spend data to the company profile on your platform, based on your spend categorization standards. We provide data upload, as well as API-driven interfaces to your system. Supported by necessary reporting, analyzing, and cleansing features.
  • Sales Market Development
  • Sales Market Development offers the possibility to discover a targeted market from various sites. Providing an overview of the most all relevant companies and products of a targeted market in context of market insights (market density, market revenue potential and market entry specifics) and market segmentation by geography, business and industry expertise's. In addition, sales insights and leads can be provided.
  • Opportunity Scouting
  • The identification, processing and management of buying and selling activities - in particular for unexperienced market players - put them into corresponding challenges. In particular, the financial due diligence according to the current accounting regulations and the assessment of the company value is a task in itself. We are there to help you.
Core Feature