Smart, secure and affordable supply chain insight with Titan

You want to launch a tender or a marketing campaign, but you have too little market data, no price benchmarks, or you simply lack the supplier or customer data to enable you to conduct your event in a meaningful way.

Does this sound familiar? Then take a closer look at our offering! It does not replace your professional expertise but creates the necessary transparency, reliability and security so that you can achieve your results even more successfully, quickly and cost-effectively.

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Data Access

Data Intelligence

Data Warehousing

Data Support & Consulting

Data Access

Your easy access to the B2B data world

Basically, digital data marketplaces are platforms that streamline purchasing, deployment along with use of data offerings and facilitates access to them. They ensure high quality, consistency and security. Our data marketplace is populated exclusively with high-quality data feeds from vetted providers. We source and aggregate global market data from a wide range of industries for our customers, tailored to their needs.
Buyers and sellers alike benefit from incredible market insights and supply chain visibility at an affordable cost

top pricing
High Qualitdy
Easy Access
3500+ suppliers

Data Intelligence

Upgrade your Supply Chain expertise with Titan’s data intelligence

Tedious data preparation with huge Excel lists was yesterday. With our data intelligence you get a comprehensive supply chain picture at your fingertips. We also don't just leave data preparation to artificial intelligence but use human brain power and vetted partners to complement the machine. This enables us to provide high quality, reliability, secure data management and a sustainable data life cycle.

Data Warehousing

Only the safest harbor is safe enough for your data

We offer our customers the comprehensive and safe use of our Data Warehouse. You can get unlimited storage, worldwide, at a reasonable cost.

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Data Support & Consulting

Making our clients successful

Customer satisfaction is fundamental. Customer success our goal. We have the necessary foundations to ensure this in the long term.

Our promise

Business continuity & assurances are key for us as a young company. Therefore, right from the outset we established a business continuity plan with associated testing process, along with solid plans and agreements to keep our promises to our customers

More then data only

Titan's staff has decades of experience in project management, supply chain management, M&A, (digital) transformation and finance. We offer a consulting service where we take stock of your current data situation, highlight the potential and help develop a new data strategy for your business.

We accompany you from the early stages to operation and offer you experience-based data solutions

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