Supplier Discovery Framework Service

Marko - Thu, 05/06/2021 - 21:45

Discovery is the act of finding something that has not been known before. By searching through Titan's continuously growing catalogue of relevant company profiles, you can effectively identify potential suppliers for your sourcing requirement.


Titan's high-end Capability framework has up to 500 capabilities, product groups, and tags, such as industry association memberships, geographical distance to your companies registered HQ, inclusion of survey responses, rate card information, and contract repository feature.


You can add up over 1000 information points in order to calculate and find the most relevant company for your search query.

Titan’s powerful search engine supports dynamic text entry, combined Boolean keyword search, and several filter options. It also includes various functionalities and indicators, such as “preferred supplier” or “premium data”. Our user interface combines best practices from online travel discovery portals and shopping comparison websites to provide a proper solution for the tradeoff in regards to readability, relevance, and details.

Titan offers useful add-ins, such as the company comparisons functionality, or searches limited to the user and predefined lists. Compare up to three companies directly from the search query based on your resource need by
supplier attributes, risk, and price and to the Titan Benchmark with easy export and print and evidence reports available. You may also create your own lists and add new companies directly from your search query or use Titan's pre-defined list such as industry rankings.


By maintaining a curated catalog of company profiles, Titan SIM leverages existing data from our trusted data providers and high-quality expertise mappings to offer an efficient solution to discover a relevant supplier. The user-friendly comparison functionality makes your search results actionable from the beginning.


Titan’s search engine calculates total matches, based on the information provided in the Person's area (added by companies themselves) or as a part of the 3rd party data (integrated into Titan), such as company names, product catalog, associated information, and expertise based on the Titan Capability Framework, Available Profiles based on published company rate cards or any stored contract within the Contract Management tool.


To read the full description of our Discovery Key Feature, download a PDF below.