We provide best-in-class supplier information to potential buyers and help suppliers to streamline their buyer interactions.



The future of sales management is based on integrated platforms that connect organizations with diverse buyers, minimize administrative efforts, and open opportunities for new sales. Titan MIS increases efficiency and market visibility for your organization.



Titan MIS is plug-and-run. Standalone without the need for endless system integration projects. Expand instantly your capabilities for supplier discovery, data transparency, risk, contract and rate card management and collaboration: Complementary to your existing source-to-contract, purchase-to-pay, or risk management systems.

  1. Opportunity generation
  2. An easy-to-use customer interaction system
  3. Document management & distribution
  4. Self declaration management

Data Privacy

Data protection is key - Titan is a trusted data processor for our customers (buyers and sellers). We are compliant to all data protection requirements throughout the customer journey. Our platform architecture ensures strong user isolation and a full front-end security. State-of-the art open source, fully cloud-enabled, deep technical stack and the engineering workflow allow end-to-end quality assurance.